Well, let’s follow your logos. We have Don Trump contemplating the Great Depression in some detail, and instead of talking about that event in detail, he’s picked out the idea of suicide, and transferred it to the pandemic.

That’s his idea of the human dimension of disease? Really? Not those who are actually dying, but those who might suicide because of the depression caused by shutting down production.

He might not be a doctor and hand out a miracle cure, but he can certainly hand out money to those affected by a depression. It’s not as if America is running short on resources, is it?

What he’s saying, by raising the spectre of suicides in a depression, is that he is powerless to act to save lives.

Looking at it another way, the image of suicide most closely associated with the Great Depression is not the poor guy down to his last penny using his belt to make a noose, it’s something a lot closer to Trump’s heart, isn’t it?


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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