We’re all in this together, Mitch.

Only a few months ago Melbourne was experiencing record temperatures, the smoke from the bushfires was blowing through the city streets like fog, and when I took the highway north to Queensland, I travelled for a whole day through smoke and ashes and dry, dusty desolation.

That wasn't anything that Australians alone did. That was eight billion of us - humans like you and I - raising the temperature of the whole planet.

This pandemic links us all in another way.

We have to work together to face the challenges.

Yes, it’s your country, but I have friends and relations in America, and I worry for them with the distinct challenges they face.

Bushfires and smoke are dangerous enough, but they have a raging epidemic, the threat of being shot, and the bizarre and random outbursts of the clown you guys have put in charge of a nuclear superpower.

Trump might be very good at waving the flag, but the job involves a statesman, not an entertainer.

Do you not have friends and family you worry about, Mitch?

You mentioned America shouldering the defence burden in Europe and elsewhere. Just quietly, but who the hell is America defending against? Not Russia, because we both know that Trump is Putin’s purchase, and your head of state is apparently comfortable with the idea that trading the lives of American service members for a smirk from president-for-life Putin is how you do the job of commander-in-chief.

I’d like to think that come November, Americans will work together to remove the threat to their sovereignty. That’s how democracy works. But American democracy is a weak and fragile thing, especially when the guy who is supposed to protect and defend it is actively working against it.

Grow up, Mitch. This isn’t a matter of left or right. It’s about recognising that the world is changing in ways that are difficult to manage or predict and just because something has been around for a couple of hundred years or more doesn’t mean that it’s still going to be there next year.


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