We're not a great economy. And acceptance of climate change is at 78% in Australia. Probably higher now. But we're not voting for the Greens in great numbers, are we?

You and I may perceive an urgent problem, but we aren't pulling any but the tiniest of levers. Railing against the various Australian governments is not going to achieve much if the voters are aware of the problem but don't see it with the same eyes.

Labor, for example, is hardly about to crap all over the heavily unionised mining and energy sectors. The Greens would shut them down in a heartbeat, but people don't vote for the Greens and the only real influence they have is balance of power, where if the two big parties vote together - as they do on most things - the Greens have no influence at all.

You and I may wish Australia had different policies on many things, but in a representative democracy, calling for things that people don't see as important enough to vote for is not a path to urgent action.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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