What it takes to see I’m wrong?

As it happens, I went through that late last year. It was quite an experience, to be honest.

Facts do it for me. Facts, and logic, and reason. It might be an effort, but I can admit to being wrong.

You talk about the media. Once again, it’s not just America. When the best news outlets, the most respected magazines, the respected heads of the global agencies are all singing the same song, then it’s probably not because they care more about embarrassing GOP voters than doing their jobs.

‘Nuff said. I can’t pour wisdom into your ears and fill you up. It’s already there.

I loved Istanbul. Those two great markets are something else, for sure. I’ve still got a literal carpet bag I bought there from some stall-holder with a world-class line of bull.

Sorry to see that fundamentalism is taking hold there. I saw the effects in Iran. People may not be religious in themselves, but they go along to get along. As a woman, I felt for my sisters, out in the bazaars, holding a chador closed with one hand while they wrangled their shopping and two toddlers with the other. That’s not right.

In the middle of our national capital, Canberra, there’s a precinct devoted to the Defence Department. Big office blocks, ceremonial squares, plaques, flags. You know the style, I’m sure.

And right smack in the middle is a tall column with an American eagle on top, its wings upstretched in a V for victory. Every year on the anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, there’s a ceremony there, and all the Americans join with the Australians in remembering that time the United States saved us from the Japanese when the British couldn’t.

We don’t forget.

We also pull our weight. Always have. Been a staunch ally in countless wars — ongoing wars. The UK wasn’t in Vietnam, but we were.

Here’s my Omaha Beach story. I’ve still got six chapters to write and put up, but I’m getting there. Most of the military stuff is done, anyway.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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